From the moment Pura Vida Ecolodge's first seed was sewn, we have taken great pride in an organic, honest & sustainable selection of professionals. Throughout the project, we have worked closely together with Costa Rican designers, architects, organizations, farmers, workers, suppliers, engineers and of course distributers.



  • Bambutico
  • Chacho Furniture
  • Coco-Mat
  • Consbieke Construction
  • Montoya Brothers
  • EcoMaderas
  • FCB Arquitectura
  • Sycamore Fans
  • The Rainforest Alliance
  • Eco Luxury
  • Houdini's Muse
  • Ziruma
  • Palmex
  • PhotoRag
  • Pura Sol
  • All Bamboo
  • Bamboo Dreams
  • Loom Living
  • Jungle Brew Cerveceria
  • Coffea Diversa



After our very successful opening at Pura Vida Ecolodge and being awarded the Certificate of Excellence for the last three years running (by TripAdvisor), with the high season just around the corner we are currently looking to expand our contacts and collaborate with the following local services:

Spas, Treatments, Physiotherapy, Reiki, Tai-chi, Yoga, Holistic treatments, Nutritionists, Music therapsits, Sekala-Niskala specialists, Prana healers, Chakra Balancing specialists, Deep Healing reflexologists and lastly, Acupressure, Invigorating Bodywork and Muscle Release specialists.

It is our belief at Pura Vida Ecolodge that all of these practices can work both individually and together with our facilities & surroundings to synchronise an intuitive body and energy working to identify, balance and heal.


Please do get in touch for more information either by email info@puravidaecolodge.com or via the online form on our CONTACT page.